More about Deadlines

Deadlines are firm!

  • Late entries will not be accepted.
    Organizing the fair begins immediately after registration closes. Assigning project numbers, scheduling project presentations, judges, and volunteers, and many more tasks must be completed in sequence before the fair begins. Late changes make it impossible to ensure that all students are fairly judged and awards are correctly identified. The number of projects and students entered cannot be changed after the midnight deadline.

    A student roster with project titles and declared categories will be sent to each teacher as soon as possible for verification after the deadline. At this time the teachers need to verify that all the information is correct or send corrections.

  • If a student who is registered is unable to attend the fair, a substitution for that student is NOT allowed after the registration deadline. The student will be dropped.
    • For individual entries, the entry will simply be dropped.
    • For group entries of three to five members, a member drop will still allow the group entry to continue without the withdrawing member.
    • For group entries of two members, a member drop will cause the other member to also be dropped and for the entry to be dropped from the competition. After the entry deadline a group entry cannot changed to an individual entry, or vice versa.

    Exceptions will be considered for medical reasons or family emergencies only!

    Conflict with another event IS NOT considered a valid reason to request an exception to the deadline rules, even if it occurs at the very last minute right before the history fair begins. Students must choose which event they will attend. Students who choose not to attend the history fair because of another event conflict must ask their teacher to contact HOTRHF and follow the student withdrawal procedures. Note that no refunds will be given for any entry fees paid.

    HOTRHF Note: this page is current and up to date for 2017