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Special Awards

Special Awards from Sponsor Organizations
Each year, a number of Central Texas organizations and businesses award special prizes and certificates to history fair competitors. Winners of these awards are selected according to criteria established by the awarding organizations, and projects are judged by representatives of the sponsors. Sponsors present their awards to the selected student winners during the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the fair.

Special awards offer well-earned recognition to outstanding, historically interesting projects that may not be among the small percentage of fair entries that win regular medals or ribbons and advance to the state fair.

Students nominate their own projects for special awards during the online registration process. For detailed instructions on how to nominate a project for a special award, click on the link below.

Sponsors of special awards submit an online application to participate in the fair, with applications due in mid-October before the fair. Sponsors specify the criteria for their award, attend the fair to judge nominated projects, and participate in the awards ceremony on Friday at the conclusion of the fair. Before the fair, they receive lists of nominated projects and a fair schedule to aid in planning for judging.

For more information about special awards, click on the links below.

HOTRHF NOTE: Links will be updated and current for 2015 Special Awards by the open of entry registsration on December 1st.