Registration details

Teachers and students register online for the Heart of Texas Regional History Fair during the open registration period. Registration will open on December 1, 2015 and close at 11:59pm on January 20, 2016. The online registration system is maintained by Texas History Day. If you need assistance with online registration, please call the HOTRHF office at (254) 710-3783 or e-mail our office.


Teachers will need to register their students first. The necessary steps are provided below:

  1. set up the teacher(s) account
  2. enter each of the students' names
  3. enter students' project titles
  4. choose the category for each project title
  5. link the student name(s) with the correct project title
  6. save and exit the teacher home page

When teachers have completed the online registration, students may complete their registration online.


After your teacher has set up your school's registration, log-on to the registration site and complete your own registration. Your teacher will assign your username and ID, or you can call or e-mail the HOTRHF office for your log-on information.

ONLINE REGISTRATION must be properly completed by answering all questions in red text. Questions in black text may be disregarded. Carefully check answers to all questions in red text for accuracy, then save registration information on each page and exit the system.

HISTORICAL PAPER ENTRIES: Four (4) print copies of each entry and a PDF file are due in the HOTRHF office no later than 11:59pm on January 20. Historical papers are judged during the month before the February 25-26 history fair.

WEBSITE ENTRIES: The NHD Weebly portal will issue a unique 8-digit website URL for each website. The unique 8-digit URL is necessary for website registration. All Web site entries must be finalized and submitted no later than January 20. At that time students' access to their Web projects will be closed until after February 26. Web sites are judged during the month before the February 25-26 history fair. IMPORTANT NOTE: URL submission at the time the project is entered on-line WILL NOT block student access from their project between Dec. 1 and Jan. 20, however it will enable HOTRHF to check to be sure the link is in working order for judge access.


Each student entering the history fair must pay the $6 entry fee. For group projects, each member of the group must pay the fee. All entry fees should be paid no later than February 3, 2016. Payments must be mailed or brought directly to the HOTRHF office. Payments cannot be made by credit card within the online registration system for the regional competition. If mailing, please pay by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to Heart of Texas Regional History Fair or HOTRHF. Bring all cash payments to the HOTRHF office.

For all payments, please include a list of students that the fees cover. Separate checks, money orders or cash are accepted. If the school holiday schedule makes it impossible to meet the payment deadline, call or e-mail the HOTRHF office for special payment arrangements.

NO REFUNDS will be given for students who drop out after payment is made.