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Changes for 2015: Rules & Information

Each year, the National History Day organization and HOTRHF issue updated rules, guidelines, and other materials. To help returning teachers and students to spot changes HOTRHF has developed this list.

at this time NHD has not announced rule changes and National History Day is continuing to use their 2010-2011 Rules. This book does not have a new cover for 2014. It Wil NOT be used for 2015.
HOWEVER - NHD will not confirm the 2015 rules until late July or early August - please watch for any rule change notifications. Find the NHD Rule Book at National History Day Rule Book

IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR THIS REGION - VERY IMPORTANT - EXHIBIT RULE ADDITION: The past two years the state of Texas was chosen for a pilot test to add the Exhibit-Board-word-count noted at the bottom of the Exhibit Title Page. This addition will continue to be required on HOTRHF Exhibit Projects for 2015. See the exhibit board word count limit and how-to-count student composed words is found in "Rules Specific for Exhibits - Rule 3"

2015 Theme: Legacy and Leadership in History
Your project MUST BE related to this theme.

PREMENANT CHANGE: FOUR (4) copies of written material for Exhibits, Performance and Documentary is required of title page, process paper, and bibliography. This is a change at regional level since 2011 and now required at THD and NHD. See exceptions for Papers and Web Sites.

Online registration opens December 1, 2014 and closes at midnight, January 12, 2015. There will be no exceptions allowed for continuation of this deadline. For more information, see Deadlines and More about Deadlines.

CHANGE: Heart of Texas Regional History Fair Changes
annual regional history fair dates to February 19 & 20, 2015

CHANGE: Texas History Day Changes Texas
History Day fair dates change to May 2-3, 2014

CHANGE: National History Day Changes
National History Day fair dates change to June 8-12, 2014

REMINDER: WEB SITES - PROJECT PORTAL FOUND by going to NHD Home Page at National History Day
Look for and select "Creating an Entry" Look under "categories" for the "Web Site" bullet - Select the "Web Site" bullet line - Look for the portal icon OR link and select. When the student enters the portal they will be asked various questions to set up their Web Site account. Included in the questions is whether it is allowed "to be published" the answer is YES and applies only to the National History Day portal program. If you answer "no" the judges will be blocked from viewing your Web Site. This is an NOT an exception to the NHD rule 7 statement because your Web Site is contained inside NHD and not published to outside live or external sites.
MANDATORY: you must create a Web Site project using the NHD Portal

CHANGE: IMPORTANT HOTRHF NOTE: Web Site projects now have a "PASSWORD PROTECT" option. DO NOT LOCK your Password - repeat - DO NOT LOCK your Password. DO NOT USE the Password Protect option. This option locks out the judges.

HOTRHF NOTE: This page is being updated for 2015