Changes for 2015: Rules & Information

There were a few rule changes made for the 2015 competition including required documentation of word counts, citations for visual sources and elimination of the 45 second rule for multimedia in websites (now a four minute maximum for all multimedia content). Download a summary of the major changes and clarifications in the document below.

2015 Summary of Changes

The summary is not a definitive list and all participants should still download and read National History Day's 2015 Official Contest Rule Book available below.

2015 NHD Contest Rule Book

2015 Theme: Legacy and Leadership in History
Your project must be related to this theme.

Four (4) copies of written material for Exhibits, Performance and Documentary is required of title page, process paper, and bibliography. This is a change at regional level since 2011 and now required at THD and NHD.

Online registration opens December 1, 2014 and closes at midnight, January 12, 2015. There will be no exceptions allowed for continuation of this deadline. For more information contact the HOTRHF office.

Website entries must be created through the Weebly NHD portal. The portal can be found at
Look for and click the "website editor" button. When creating websites in the NHD Weebly portal, a series of questions will be asked including whether it is allowed "to be published". Answer "yes", if you answer "no" the judges will be blocked from viewing your website. This is an not an exception to the NHD rule because your website will be limited to NHD and not published to external sites.

Website projects now have a "password protect" option. Do not lock your Password, this option locks out the judges.

HOTRHF NOTE: This page has been updated for 2015.