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Meningitis Vaccine FAQ's for Faculty

Q: Why is there a change?

A: The fatal and near-fatal cases of meningitis in two Texas college students resulted in the passage of a new Texas law requiring that all new or entering college students under the age of 22 have the bacterial meningitis vaccine or a booster within the last 5 years. This law applies to all students attending a college or university in the state of Texas.

Q: Which students are required to get the meningitis vaccine?

A: Starting January 1, 2014, all entering students under the age of 22 years must have had the bacterial meningitis vaccine within 5 years of the first day of class. This must be administered at least 10 days prior to first class day. Also any student who previously attended Baylor and is returning after a break in enrollment of at least one fall or spring semester must be in compliance.

Q: Must all students take the vaccine?

A: No, students may opt out by filling out a waiver that they request from Texas State Department of Health Services. Alternatively, they may send a letter to the health center from a US-licensed physician stating that it would be injurious to their health to receive the vaccine.

Q: How will I know if students have/have not gotten the vaccine?

A: The students will not be allowed to register for classes until the requirement is met.

Q: Will students be able to attend my class if they have not received the vaccine?

A: The only way a student will be able to attend class without the vaccine if they live on campus is to fill out the declination form available at: Declination Affidavit. They will not be on class rolls if they are not compliant with the requirement and must not be allowed to attend class.

If they live off campus they may print out a declination and have it notarized at the Texas Higher Education Bacterial Meningitis Page.

Q: Will the Baylor Health Center administer the vaccine?

A: The meningitis vaccination (Menveo) is available in the Health Center by appointment. Students may call 254-710-1010 or log onto My Health to set up an appointment time to see the nurse. The cost is $95.

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