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Professional Health Advice 24 Hours a Day


We understand there are times when you’re not feeling well and the health center may be closed. If you want to talk with someone to discuss what you can do to start feeling better you may call (254) 710-1010 and talk to a RN at Sironia Health.

Baylor University students have access to this nurse line after hours, on weekends and holidays. The registered nurses are experienced and have been specially trained to deliver care over the phone.

Based on your symptoms, the nurses can help you determine whether you:

  1. Need to be seen at the health center.
  2. Should seek emergency care.
  3. Can treat your condition with homecare advice.

Please Call (254) 710-1010.


Students who are in need of emergency services are advised to dial 911 and Baylor DPS at 710-2222. To receive after hours medical advice please dial 710-1010. The following sources may also be contacted:


Baylor Scott & White (formerly Hillcrest)
100 Hillcrest Medical Blvd


Providence Health Center E.R.
6901 Medical Parkway Drive


Premier ER and Urgent Care
9110 Jordan Lane

221 North Jack Kultgen Expressway


The DePaul Center (Psychological Crisis)
301 Londonderry Drive


Waco Health Department (Immunizations, TB medication)
225 West Waco Drive


Updated 01/13/2017

McLane Student Life Center
2nd Floor

209 Speight Avenue
Waco, TX 76706

One Bear Place #97060
Waco, TX 76798

Phone: 254.710.1010
Fax: 254.710.2499