About the Graduate Student Association

Dear Graduate Student,

First of all, welcome to the 2013-14 academic year here at Baylor. To the returning students, we ask for your continued support and further input in creating an environment on campus where graduate students can thrive. To the new students, we would like to extend to you a special invitation to become involved with the Graduate Student Association (GSA). We serve the interests of graduate students by representing your concerns to the Baylor faculty, administration, and staff, and by providing services which are more effectively addressed as a group. In addition, the GSA organizes and co-sponsors social and academic events. All Baylor graduate students are automatically official GSA members, and we encourage you to consider the following possibilities for getting involved:

  • Attend GSA Assembly meetings: The assembly meets every fourth week of the month in the SUB at 12:30pm. At these meetings information is shared about campus issues affecting graduate students. All graduate students are encouraged to attend and get involved as this is where decisions are made that affect you.
  • Become a Department Representative: Each department with graduate students selects one representative and one alternate to attend GSA Assembly meetings and share information with the students in their department. A GSA Representative votes on all major issues facing graduate students. Please let your graduate program director know if you are interested in being nominated to serve as a representative or alternate.
  • Become a Committee Representative: As an active student organization, the GSA is invited to sit on a number of University committees and work with important issues that affect graduate students. The GSA needs graduate student representatives who are willing to sit on those committees to represent our interests and to report back with the details of the committee business.
  • Stay in communication with your Department Representative: If you cannot make it to assembly meetings, let your representative know your opinion on the issues as it is their job to represent you. The assembly functions best with input coming from every corner of campus, so let your voice be heard!
  • Watch your email for announcements of GSA Events: We will email all graduate students about GSA academic and social events such as bbqs, grant-writing workshops, and more.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at: gsa@baylor.edu. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the coming year!

Thanks, and once again, welcome to Baylor!

Chris Bissex, President
Susan Moudry, Vice President