Dr. Phillip Donnelly
Associate Professor of Literature

Program Director

Writes about John Milton & Renaissance Literature

Dr. Michael Foley
Associate Professor of Patristics

Specializes in Patristics & Augustine of Hippo

Dr. Barry Harvey
Professor of Theology

Works in Philosophical Theology, Ecclesiology & Theological Ethics

Dr. Douglas Henry
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Writes about Plato & Ancient Philosophy

Dr. Junius Johnson
Assistant Professor of Historical Theology

Writes about Medieval Theology & Hans Urs von Balthasar

Dr. Eric Martin
Assistant Professor of History
and Philosophy of Science

Works in Philosophy of Biology & Environmental Philosophy

Dr. Robert Miner
Professor of Philosophy

Works in Medieval & Modern Thought, writes about Aquinas, Vico, Nietzsche

Dr. Scott Moore
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Great Texts

Works on Wendell Berry and other stubborn things

Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray
Associate Professor of Great Texts and Creative Writing

Focusing on story design, her work ranges from medieval literature & manuscripts to film-making and creative writing.

Dr. Melinda Nielsen
Assistant Professor of Classical Literature

Writes on Boethius & Medieval Literature

Dr. William Weaver
Associate Professor of Literature

Specializes in Renaissance Humanism, Early Modern English Poetry & History of Rhetoric

Faculty Affiliated with Great Texts

Dr. Elizabeth Corey
Associate Professor of Political Science

Writes about Michael Oakeshott, Constitutional Law & Art History

Dr. Lynne Hinojosa
Associate Professor of Literature

Works on 20th Century British Literature & Culture, the Novel, Religion & Literature, Modernism

Dr. Alan Jacobs
Distinguished Professor of Humanities in the Honors Program

Writes about the History of Books and Reading & the Poetry of W.H. Auden

Dr. David Jeffrey
Distinguished Professor of Literature and Humanities

Writes about Chaucer, Medieval Literature, the Bible as Literature

Dr. Michael D. Thomas
Professor and Director of Spanish and Portuguese

Works on Cervantes & 20th Century Spanish Literature

Dr. Ralph Wood
University Professor of Theology and Literature

Writes about G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis Flannery O'Connor & Walker Percy