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DPT Application Process

All application materials for the 2014-2015 Admissions Cycle have been received at the DPT Program office. Applicants who complete prerequisite courses after 1 DEC 2014 need to submit updated transcripts directly to the DPT Program office. Any questions can be directed to the office.

Army Baylor LogoThe application process begins with an Army healthcare recruiter assigned to your state of residence. The process from initial contact with a recruiter until the start of the US Army-Baylor University DPT Program is 14-18 months. The following process will be updated for the 2015-2016 Admission Cycle when we will begin using PTCAS.

  • Interested applicant contacts an Army healthcare recruiter
  • Recruiter determines applicant's minimum eligibility for DPT program (PREREQUISITES).
  • Screening: prerequisite courses and observational hours in PT.
  • Applicant submits ALL official transcripts to recruiter.
  • Applicant undergoes a military entrance physical examination by a qualified medical provider.
  • Preparation and finalization of complete board packet (September-December)
  • All application documents due to recruiters by 1 December 2014.
  • Phone interview by DPT faculty member during December-January (FACULTY)
  • Selection Board meets (February)
  • Selected applicants are notified (March) by recruiter
  • Baylor University Graduate School applications (GoBaylorGrad) are sent to selected applicants and completed (May-July)
  • Civilian applicants enter active duty service in the US Army or US Navy and begin initial entrance training at Joint Base San Antonio for Army selected applicants, or Naval Station Newport, RI for Navy selected applicants (September-December).
  • DPT Program Orientation (December) with all Army, Navy and Air Force students.
  • DPT Program begins Phase 1 - didactic training (January) and lasts 18 months (CURRICULUM).
  • DPT Program conducts comprehensive oral examinations (July)
  • DPT Program begins Phase 2 - clinical internship (July) and lasts 12 months (CLINICAL EDUCATION.)
  • DPT Students graduate (August) (ALUMNI ASSOCIATION).
  • DPT graduates take National Licensure Examination.
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