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Welcome From Our Program Director

Funderburk WEL

Dear Applicant,

On behalf of the U.S. Army Dietetic Internship and the Army Medical Specialist Corps, I sincerely thank you for your interest in our Program. Our program, known as the Graduate Program in Nutrition, is a unique alternative to traditional graduate programs in nutrition and dietetic internships, entailing 9 months of challenging graduate dietetic education followed by a 12 month internship. The internship phase includes practical dietetic experience and conduct of original research in preparation for the Registration Examination for Dietetics. Upon completion of the Program, students earn a Masters of Science from Baylor University, our sponsoring university. Students receive full military salaries and benefits during this training period. Our emphasis is on military leadership, research and clinical excellence. We are committed to our mission: Produce innovative and responsive Military Officers and Army Dietitians who provide superior nutritional medicine, services, and guidance in support of the Warfighter and Family readiness.

As a preparatory program for military service as commissioned officers in the United States Army, our Program is values based. These values embrace Selfless Service to the Nation, Integrity, and Excellence in academics and research. We seek applicants who support these same values and wish to be a part of a legacy of military dietetics that has continued for almost 100 years.

Each year our program also considers fully qualified civilian Registered Dietitians (RD) as applicants into the Graduate Program in Nutrition. After completing the graduate coursework and research requirements they are assigned to military community hospitals and medical centers.

Our superior benefits for graduate students and entry-level dietitians include: competitive salary, 30 days paid vacation per year, full health and dental benefits, and paid continuing education opportunities.

I know once you explore our program and listen to what our recent graduates express about their experience, you will agree that the Graduate Program in Nutrition is the most challenging and rewarding program available to aspiring dietitians. To learn more please do not hesitate to contact a healthcare recruiter to coordinate a visit to one of our training sites or speak with a recent graduate or faculty member who can answer your questions firsthand.

Best Wishes,

Leslee Funderburk, PhD, RD
Program Director
U.S. Military-Baylor Graduate Program in Nutrition