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Learn How to Apply

Army Recruiters by Region

The Graduate Program in Nutrition is a joint training environment where Air Force and Army students learn side by side. However, each applicant will need to choose which service (U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force) to specifically apply to and serve following the completion of the program. The application process is coordinated with a recruiter who serves your geographic area and the Army or Air Force Recruiting mission, respectively


The Army Recruiting Mission is divided by geography and mission. Applicants should specifically seek out an SP healthcare recruiter. Once commissioned as officers, Army dietitians are assigned to the Army Medical Specialist or SP Corps. These recruiters are most familiar with the Army Medical Department and the U.S. Military-Baylor Master’s Program in Nutrition. An applicant should contact the recruiter assigned to their local area.

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The Air Force Recruiting mission is also divided by geography and mission. Applicants who wish to pursue the Air Force should find their a recruiter that serves their geographical area via the website below. Applicants should seek a Health Professionals Recruiter by clicking on the Healthcare Professions box in the middle of the website screen.

Once commissioned, Air Force dietitians serve in the Biomedical Sciences Corps (BSC).