2007 Finalists


Dr. A. David Mangelsdorff

Physical Theray Productivity in Army Military Treatment Facilities

CAPT Jorg, Ms. Belote, MAJ Ratliff, and CPT Fisher

An Exploration of Trends and Relationships in Army Behavioral Health Services Utilization

MAJ Doperak, CPT Jurado, ENS Lewis, and CPT Member

Primary Care Appointment Wait Times and No-Show Rates at Seven Army Health Clinics in Germany

CPT Carr, CPT Moore-Velbis, CAPT Lipscomb, and LTC Caffrey

Indicators of Health and Economic Freedom: A Correlation Study

LT Henriquez, CPT Smith, and LTC Wenzel

Visual Acuity and Target Discrimination

CAPT Hamilton, Ms. Smith, MAJ Camp, and CPT Moakler

Factors Affecting Army Officer Selection for Promotion

ENS Chaves, ENS Whittaker, CPT Nelson, and MAJ Wilder