2008 Finalists


Dr. A. David Mangelsdorff

An Investigation of Pulse Oximetry Methods in a Vasconstrictive Enviornment

Ms. Marquette, CPT Glad, 1LT Dean, and MAJ Gesaman

Examining the Effectiveness of a Voluntary Physical Fitness Training Program in a Training Company

ENS Howell, CPT Middleton, CPT Whiddon, and Mr. Tervol

MEDCOM Efficiency in Primary Care

LTJG Wheeler, CPT Mras, Ms. Shuart, and MAJ Hunt

Outpatient General and Family Practice Physician Time Allocation as a Function of Expected Payment Source, Practice Setting, and Patient Characteristics

LTJG Coates, MAJ Geddie, MAJ Mathews, and CPT Silvernail

Analysis of Crude Oil Production and U.S. Hostile Casaulty Rates in Iraq

CPT Duncan, CPT Florent, MAJ Hildebrand, and LDCR Taylor

The Effects of Combat Eye Protection on Battlefield Eye Injuries

MAJ Chung, MAJ Price, CPT Andrade, ENS Susko, and Ms. Sadler