2009 Finalists


Dr. A. David Mangelsdorff

Quality Comparisons of Four Major Healthcare Systems

MAJ Brown, CPT Waite and Ms. Lawless

Predicting Trachoma Using a Multiple Regression Analysis

LTC Allen, MAJ Solan and Ms. Reed

Effectiveness of Performance Based Adjustment Model (PBAM) Incentives

CAPT Blanchard, CPT Irwin, and Mr. Lombardo

Workload as a Cost Predictor for Air Force Medical Treatment Facilities

CAPT Day, CPT Harmon, and LT Padgett

Predictors of Infant Mortality in Predominantly Muslim Countries

LTC(P) Bagby, CPT McWherter, and LTJG McCollow

Does Health Insurance Coverage Decrease the Incidence of Obesity?

MAJ Nosalik, ENS Molnar, and Ms. Davis-Scott