2012 Finalists


MAJ Forest Kim

Relationship Between Number of Physical Therapy Appointments and WTU Post-Meniscectomy

Ms. Kelly Dove, Ms. Paula Paradis

Impact of Embedded Behavioral Health Teams on Soldier Behavioral Health Inpatient Admissions

Ms. Jessica Jones, Mr. Mike Henry

Recapturing Network Care Through the Army Performance Based Adjustment Model

Mr. Jeremy Hillard, CPT Jonathan Hicks

Effects of Air Force Patient-Centered Medical Home on Diabetic ER Visits

Mr. Christopher Ogren, Mr. Sean Hoskins

SAMMC ER Trauma/CT Scanner Analysis

Ms. Kenya Brown, Ms. Stefanie Harris, Capt Sean Hoskins

Patient-Centered Medical Home Impact on Asthma Related Emergency Department Visits

CPT Adrian Danczyk, Ms. Tara Egbert

Awards Ceremony

LTC Forest Kim and LTC Lee Bewley