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A. David Mangelsdorff, PhD, MPH, FAPA, FAAAS, FAPS


Mangelsdorff2Office Phone: (210) 221-6756


  • 1967 A.B. Dartmouth College
  • 1972 M.A. University of Delaware (Psychology)
  • 1972 Ph.D. University of Delaware (Psychology)
  • 1980 M.A. St. Mary's University of San Antonio (English)
  • 1982 M.P.H. University of Texas School of Public Health)
  • 1990 National Defense University
  • 2003 Fulbright scholar

  • Organizational Behavior and Theory with Human Resources
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Issues in International Health
  • Health Applications in Networking and Telecommunications
  • Special Studies


  • Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (1974 to present)
  • National Register Health Service Providers in Psychology (1976 to present)

Select Publications:

Mangelsdorff , A.D. (1979). Patient satisfaction questionnaire. Medical Care, 17, 86-90.

Mangelsdorff, A.D. (1985). Lessons learned and forgotten: the need for prevention and mental health interventions in disaster preparedness. Journal of Community Psychology, 13, 239-257.

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Gal, R., and Mangelsdorff, A.D. (Eds.). (1991). Handbook of military psychology. London: John Wiley, Ltd.

Mangelsdorff, A.D., Savini, G., and Doering, D. (2001). Chemical and bioterrorism preparedness checklist. American Hospital Association.

Expanded CV available:

Mangelsdorff, A.D., Rogers, J., Finstuen, K., and Pryor, R. (Winter, 2004). U.S. Army-Baylor University Health Care Administration Program Evidenced-Based Outcomes in the Military Health System. Journal of Health Education and Administration, 21 (1), 81-89.

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Finstuen, K., & Mangelsdorff, A.D. (2006). Executive competencies in health care administration: Preceptors of the U.S. Army-Baylor University Graduate Program. Journal of Health Administration Education, 23 (2), 199-215.

Mangelsdorff, A.D. (Ed.). (2006). Psychology in the service of national security. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Barido, G. T., Campbell-Gauthier, G. D., Mang-Lawson, A. M., Mangelsdorff, A. D., and Finstuen, K. (2008). Patient satisfaction in military medicine: Model refinement and assessment of continuity of care effects. Military Medicine, 173(7), 641-46.

Expanded CV Available: