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Baylor Offers new PHD in Environmental Science

Baylor professors and graduate students make up some of the nation's leading researchers in environmental science, discovering solutions to global challenges and public health.

Graduate Students Counsel Children with Disabilities

Baylor graduate students are passionate about using their talents to serve others in their community.

Graduate Students Live and Serve in the Community at Good Neighbor Waco

Graduate students, Hannah Hanover and Katie Robbins, volunteer to live in a modern day settlement house, where they live, work, and serve among their neighbors in the Waco community.

New Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Program

The Graduate Student Association launched a new Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship program this year, pairing up undergraduate students who are interested in graduate school with graduate students in their field.

Electrical Engineering Student Conducts Research on Electronic Warfare.

Willis Troy is one of the many electrical engineering and computer science graduate students who came to Baylor to pursue new avenues of research.

New Library Space for Graduate Students Fosters Community and New Ideas

Baylor graduate students are constantly challenging ideas, making discoveries, and conducting groundbreaking research. This academic excellence inspired library staff to launch The Incubator, the new library space for graduate students and faculty.

Graduate Student Housing Brings Together Students from a Variety of Backgrounds

Baylor University offers graduate students the rewarding opportunity to live in community with each other in Graduate Student Community Housing. This community includes three apartment complexes conveniently located near campus: The Quadrangle, Browning Square, and the new Centre Court Apartments, which host a variety of social and academic events for residents every year.

Graduate Instructor's Innovative Teaching Inspires Sociology Students

Graduate Instructor, Josh Tom is passionate about connecting with his students and showing them that the study of sociology is not only interesting but it pervades all aspects of their lives. His dedication to teaching and sociology inspires his students to engage with the subject both inside and outside of class.

New PhD Combines Research and Hands-On Experience

Baylor University’s new PhD program in Higher Education and Leadership offers students a unique balance of hands-on professional experience and academic research. Jessica Robinson is one of four students in the first cohort of this program, who is excelling in the classroom while also learning a lot from her apprenticeship at McLennan County Community College.


Baylor Graduate Student Curates "Treasures from the Vault"

Baylor's Poage Library has recently acquired an exhibit that is unique from many of their exhibits but no less impressive. Including items from Jack Ruby's jail house slipper to a 1907 White House Cookbook, the exhibit is being cared for by exhibit curator and Baylor graduate student, Erik Swanson.

Honors roll in for Baylor's first mechanical engineering Ph.D. student

Baylor alumna and doctoral candidate Sarah Stair's interest in science, math and engineering began innocently enough, as she built Lego towers and entered egg drop contests as a child. These days, her work is a little more advanced-and it's bringing quite a bit of attention to bother her and baylor.

From Salutes to Sic 'Ems: The Story of A Veteran and a Football Player

Nelson Ehirim is a Graduate Student, a football player and a veteran of the United States Army. His story is an inspiring testament to his humility and work ethic. Though an injury kept Ehirim off the field during part of his undergraduate career, he is now able to fulfill his dream of playing football and pursuing his graduate degree in sports pedagogy at Baylor University.

Outstanding Graduate Instructor SET-ting the Way

For many students, CHE 3238: Organic Chemistry is notorious for its difficulty amongst majors and non-majors alike. Labs take several hours each week to prepare, and the course can be grueling. One instructor, Dana Horgen, has found a way to make it fun. Horgen is a graduate student and a doctoral candidate in Baylor's Biochemistry program. Horgen's love and interest for her field carries over into her classrooms. Recently, Horgen was recognized as one of Baylor's Outstanding Graduate Instructors.

Jessica Stewart Provides More Than Math

"Walking into an undergraduate classroom on the first day of the semester, I can feel the tension," say Jessica Stewart, a Teacher of Record in Mathematics at Baylor University. "There are the usual first day jitters from freshman and seniors alike."

Stewart understands that tension. A doctoral candidate in Baylor's Mathematics program, Stewart spends a lot of time on the other side of the desk. Her compassion for the students she teaches must carry over.

Baylor One of the Nation's Best at Student Support

The decision to go to graduate school is a big one. Deciding where to go can be even tougher. Whichever path you choose, graduate school is a huge investment of time and resources. Independent evaluations show that Baylor Graduate School is one of the nation's best at providing tuition remission, assistantships, and job placement. In addition, Baylor provides many other programs to support academic, spiritual, and personal development.

Rodney's Guide to Graduate School

Baylor Graduate School is known for how well it supports its students. National evaluations continually show that Baylor is a leader in helping students pay for school, graduate on time, and find jobs in their fields. In addition, numerous programs are in place to help students develop professionally, socially, and spiritually. To that list, Baylor recently launched "Rodney's Guide to Graduate School," a series of YouTube tutorials intent on guiding students through all phases of graduate life.

Excellence in the Arts Supports Dream of Service

Academic excellence is not the only force driving Baylor students to achieve their dreams. A defining characteristic of Baylor students is the desire to use their quality education to serve others. Accomplished musician, Gwendolyn Matias-Ryan plans on using her talents to teach children in Mexico.

Graduate School and Program Rankings Released

According to new data released by Academic Analytics, an independent evaluator of doctoral programs nationwide, Baylor Graduate School is continuing its steady climb toward national prominence. Academic Analytics released its annual program rankings in April, and results indicate continued progress for the Graduate School as a whole and numerous bright spots throughout Baylor's programs.

Q&A: Courtney Lyons

Doctoral candidate Courtney Lyons received the 2013 NABPR Dissertation Fellowship. The highly competitive award is presented to one advanced graduate student each year by the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. The Graduate School spoke with Lyons recently and discussed the award and her career at Baylor.

Grad Student Wins Beall Poetry Prize

A.E. Stallings is a critically-acclaimed author and recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, commonly known as the Genius Grant. She is also one of the world's leading poets, a guest of honor at numerous poetry festivals, and apparently a big fan of Baylor poetry.

Study Allows Viewers to Choose Their Own Apocalypse

A post-apocalyptic group of cannibals is holding your best friend hostage. You have two options to save her from almost certain death. You can offer the cannibals your life in exchange, or you can take a risky shot with your gun that might save both of you. What do you do?

Summer Mission: Grad Student Leads Teachers into China

The long flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport will land in Shanghai. From the airport it is a short walk to Zhongshan Park Transit Station. There, Agnes Tang and her companions will take a two-hour bus ride, and nearly 28 hours after leaving Waco they will arrive in Suzhou for a week of teacher training at two migrant schools.

Women in the Academy

To the casual observer looking at the university system women's academic liberation might appear to be fully realized. At Baylor, for example, the undergraduate population is 58% female, on par with the national average of female undergraduate students. Women also earn their share of post-graduate degrees including 59% of master's degrees and nearly half of all doctoral degrees

Colby Moore: Student, Researcher, Teacher

BIO 1401: Current Issues in Human Biology, better known as "Biology for Non-Majors," is a required course for many freshmen. With organisms invisible to the naked eye and terms that are literally in another language, taking a biology course can be a daunting task for students who major outside of the sciences. For students in Colby Moore's section, those fears are put to rest.

Baylor Grad Students In It for the Long Run, Pt. 1

The mild, Central Texas winter is coming to an end, and spring is upon us. For many Wacoans that means it is time to run. For the last few months the trails of Cameron Park have slowly filled with "couch-to-5k" beginners and seasoned trail runners, with water-wicking compression tops and jogging strollers. Many of those runners are Baylor graduate students, who find that long distances and the road to dissertation share some common ground.

Baylor Grad School Enrollment Grows Steadily

Baylor University officials say the administration's steady investment in scholarships and new degrees have helped the university grow its graduate school population. Baylor's graduate student population increased from 1,440 to 1,470 between fall 2011 and fall 2012, a 2 percent rise. From 2010 to 2011, the increase was 0.8 percent.

For Baylor Prof, Heaney Visit Has Been a Life's Work

The Beall Poetry Festival, an annual event hosted by Baylor's English department, kicks off its season next Monday with a special event. Seamus Heaney, the Nobel-prize winning author from Northern Ireland, will read his poetry in an event that is free and open to the public. The visit is do in part to Richard Russell, whose work on Heaney inspired a partnership.

BCU Scholars Unite Heritage and Scholarship

One advantage of graduate study at a major research university with a strong, religious heritage is the opportunity to connect the personal with the professional. Faith is not a requirement, but spiritual pursuits are encouraged, and one program at Baylor that meets at the boundaries of faith and academic pursuits is the BCU Scholars program.

Baylor's Graduate Program in Religion One of the Best

It is probably not too much of a surprise, considering that Baylor is the world's largest Baptist university, but Baylor's graduate program in Religion is considered one of the nation's best. The graduate program in Religion at Baylor offers Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees in three areas of specialization - Bible, history, and theology. Of the nearly fifty Religion and Religious Studies programs evaluated by National Research Council and by Academic Analytics, Baylor consistently ranked among the nation's best.

For One Doctoral Candidate, Baylor Had a Personal Appeal

Students decide to earn graduate degrees at Baylor for many reasons. For some, Baylor is a top program in their field of study. For many, Baylor's intimate size or the opportunity to study in an atmosphere that supports Christian values is attractive. For others, the outstanding financial packages offered by the university separate Baylor from the its peers. For Olivia Carroll, the decision was personal.