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International Student Information

Application Process

Admission to the Graduate School is conducted by formal application, which is available at GoBaylor Grad. Graduate admissions committees will consider all application materials when making admission decisions, so each piece of the application is important. In addition to an application, applicants must submit an application fee, official standardized test scores, official transcripts, and letters of recommendation. All materials should be mailed to:

Baylor University Graduate Admissions
One Bear Place #97264
Waco, TX 76798-7264 Graduate Admissions phone#: (254) 710-3588
Graduate Admissions fax#: (254) 710-3870

Qualified students will be admitted regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, or disability.


Applicants will need to submit an official transcript from the university as well as proof of an earned degree and the date on which that degree was conferred. If the transcript from the school at which the applicant earned a bachelor's or bachelor's equivalent degree does not clearly state proof of degree completion, including the date on which that degree was conferred, the applicant must request that additional documentation, such as an official diploma certificate showing proof of degree, be mailed to the Graduate School. When reviewing transcripts from a school outside the United States in languages other than English, the transcript must be translated by an official translating agency. In addition to the university submitting a transcript to the Graduate School, the translating agency must submit the translation as well as a copy of transcript in its original language. The same must be done for the proof of degree if it is separate from the transcript.

The Graduate School assesses whether the applicant has reached an academic level equivalent to a United States bachelor's degree. Our admissions coordinators are proficient in reviewing academic records from different educational systems from around the world. In rare instances when our admissions coordinators are unable to verify the nature or authenticity of foreign academic documents, the applicant may be asked to provide supplemental information or to obtain an evaluation from a foreign credential evaluation service. Baylor University has partnered with WES (World Education Services) in an attempt to offer a viable solution to international applicants when evaluations are required. Please note that when a request for an evaluation has been sent to WES, it may take up to seven business days for the evaluation to be completed and returned back to the Graduate School.

If the applicant is admitted before receiving a degree and final transcript, the applicant is required to have an official final transcript documenting proof of degree sent to the Graduate School by the first day of class. Without proof of degree, the application will not be able to register for future terms.

Special Requirements

Please check here to see if your country requires special requirements when submitting transcripts.

Language Support for International Graduate Students

The Graduate School offers a three-hour weekly course for all international graduate students and their spouses. This course focuses on the language and communication skills necessary to achieving academic success in graduate school and beyond. The goals of the course are to encourage students to improve their pronunciation of American English so that they can be understood effortlessly in both formal and informal situations, to enable students to improve their listening comprehension and fluency in interactions which are typical of academic settings, to give students opportunities to practice making presentations, and to develop students' confidence in their interactions with advisors, fellow students, and other professionals in their fields. Constructive feedback of students' videotapes and audio recordings is an essential component of the course. Please contact the Course Director, Ilsa Burns, to enroll.