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Spiritual Life Events

The Graduate School and the staff at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center work together to support students' spiritual development during graduate school. Spiritual Life events occur twice a semester, involving lunch or a light breakfast and an informal lecture.

Lecture topics are geared toward helping students make connections between their faith, their studies, and their lives as graduate students. Past topics include A Contemplative Approach to My Academic Life, given by University Chaplain Burt Burleson, Teaching as an Act of Charity with Dr. Darin Davis, Director of the Institute for Faith and Learning, and Observing the Sabbath in the Academy, a panel discussion with Drs. Lauren Barron, Jonathan Tran, and Jason Whitt.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Mentoring & Challenging Undergraduate Students
Monday, October 6, 12-1pm, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
Acknowledging students’ gifts while challenging them to excel in areas of struggle can be a challenge for new and experienced teachers alike. Both encouraging and pushing students, and applying these lessons to one’s own academic development, contributes to Baylor’s mission to prepare students for leadership and service as well as Christian commitment to their community.

Coffee Chat on Spiritual Community
Tuesday, November 18, 10-11am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
Graduate school is a time of intense intellectual engagement and growth, but it can also be a time of considerable imbalance in one’s personal life. In this informal coffee chat, we will consider why spiritual community is important during graduate school; how spiritual community can improve life balance and mental health; and the difficulty in finding spiritual community when you have uprooted and moved to a new setting. Newer graduate students are invited to ask questions or share their experiences so far; advanced graduate students are invited to share their experiences and observations from the last several years.

Spring 2015 Schedule

What is Christian Teaching? The Diverse Approaches of Christian Professors
January 30, 10-11am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
What does it mean to teach as a Christian, especially if your academic discipline does not have an explicitly religious approach? How do Christian professors approach students, grading, and professional relationships? Dr. Perry Glanzer will address these and other topics during this graduate student spiritual life event. Coffee and bagels will be provided; please RSVP here.

Mental Health & Spirituality
February 27, 10-11am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
Academic stress cannot be eliminated but we can negotiate a pathway through it if we focus on our emotional wellness. Explore ways you can invest your best time, energy, and passion into the things that are most valuable to you on a daily basis. Coffee and bagels will be provided; please RSVP here.