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Spiritual Life Events

The Graduate School and the staff at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center work together to support students' spiritual development during graduate school. Spiritual Life events occur twice a semester, involving lunch or a light breakfast and an informal lecture.

Lecture topics are geared toward helping students make connections between their faith, their studies, and their lives as graduate students. Past topics include A Contemplative Approach to My Academic Life, given by University Chaplain Burt Burleson, Teaching as an Act of Charity with Dr. Darin Davis, Director of the Institute for Faith and Learning, and Observing the Sabbath in the Academy, a panel discussion with Drs. Lauren Barron, Jonathan Tran, and Jason Whitt.

Fall 2013 Schedule

Young Adult Faith
Tuesday, September 24, 10-11am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
Dr. Burt Burleson, University Chaplain at Baylor, will speak to graduate students about the stages of faith typical to college students and young adults. TeaCHE credit will be offered for this event. Coffee and bagels will be served.

Naming the Distortion(s) of Love: The Deadly Sin of ...Whatever!
Friday, October 25, 10-11am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
Dr. Bob Kruschwitz, Professor of Philosophy, will explore his personal specialty deadly sin, especially the deadly sin of acedia in relation to graduate preparation for and continued commitment to Christian scholarship.

Spring 2014 Schedule

Being Open to God's Call
Thursday, February 27, 10-11am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Provost and Executive Vice President, will share some personal reflections on faith and work. This will be an informal time of conversation with Baylor's chief academic officer. Coffee and bagels will be served.

Changing Rhythms: How to Spend Your Time Over the Summer
Tuesday, April 29, 10:30-11:30am, Bobo Spiritual Life Center
One of the vices of the academic schedule is that it prompts the idolatry of time. Summers are both idolized and idealized as the time when we will accomplish everything we put off during the school-year. In order to encourage graduate students to order their summers in both healthy and virtuous ways, this event will feature a panel of professors who will offer some insight into the problem of time and how to spend it during the summer. Coffee and bagels will be served.

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