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Graduate Student Leadership Council

In addition to the Graduate Student Association, many departments on campus have their own graduate student organization. The leaders of these groups meet with the Graduate School each semester in order to increase dialogue among the departments and with the Graduate School.

Department Representatives

  • Chemistry Graduate Student Association: Carrie Poe
  • English Graduate Student Association (EGSA): Michael Milburn
  • Graduate Association of School Psychology (GASP): Natalie Chipinski
  • Graduate Business Association (GBA): Josh Stevens
  • Graduate Student Associations (GSA): Sara Rae Schlesinger
  • Graduate Theological Fellowship (GTF): Stephanie Peek
  • Higher Education and Student Affairs Graduate Student Association (HESAGSA): Erin Ellis
  • Life Sciences GSA: Moncie Wright
  • Museum Studies Student Association (MSSA): Amanda Dietz
  • Political Science Graduate Student Society: Olivia Carroll