Student Intellectual Community
Enhancement Money

SIC 'EM is a way for graduate students to secure funding for student-initiated events that promote academic and intellectual development outside of the classroom. Instead of relying solely on traditional methods of learning and professional development, students can provide the impetus for creative projects to further explore issues of interest to a group of students, a department, or several departments. SIC 'EM projects contribute to a vibrant intellectual community at Baylor and provide a means for informal discussion and presentation of academic work.

Some examples of SIC 'EM events or projects may be:

  • a regular luncheon to discuss a significant text
  • an informal presentation of student writing prior to submission for publication
  • an interdepartmental theatrical or artistic production
  • a group excursion to historically significant sites to promote learning

Funding is to be provided by individual departments or organizations and by the Baylor University Graduate School. The amount provided by the department or organization must represent 1/3 of the final budget proposal and the remaining 2/3 will be provided by the Graduate School. Contributions from the Graduate School will not exceed $500, however sponsors may provide additional funds.

SIC 'EM events must:

  • be led by graduate students and include faculty participants
  • enhance the intellectual community
  • include an academic component
  • provide creative ways of learning to enhance the graduate experience
  • comply with all relevant university policy, regulations, and procedures (available here)

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please follow the procedural sequence:

  • Consider the needs and feasibility of your idea.
  • Find an organization or academic department(s) willing to fund a third of your event. If two or more departments or organizations agree to jointly sponsor your project, any combinations of their contributions must equal 1/3 of the total funds for the project to receive a 2/3 match from the Graduate School.
  • Register your event with the proper offices and departments, and make the necessary arrangements for a successful production. Make sure that you read the university policies relevant to your event. (available here)
  • After you have the entire event planned, submit your application. Be sure to explain in detail the work you have already done so that the selection committee can accurately evaluate the production and expect a successful occasion on the day of the proposed event.
  • The SIC 'EM Proposal Selection Committee will notify leaders via email of any changes or considerations that need to be made in order for the proposal to be accepted.

Proposals will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • creativity and thoughtfulness of the event
  • feasibility and the perceived ability of the team to implement the plan
  • ability to make a positive impact on the academic and intellectual environment
  • quality of the proposal itself

Proposals are selected September through April each academic year on a rolling basis. Applications must be received at least one month prior to the date of the proposed event in order to receive approval for funding from the Graduate School. Click here for an application form to be submitted to Alanna Martinez at