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Language Support for International Graduate Students

The graduate school offers a course for all international teaching assistants and lab assistants. The focus of this course will be on the speaking and listening skills necessary to achieving success here at Baylor.

Classroom activities will be divided equally between a focus on language and communication skills. Videotaping and audio recording of individual students will be available.

The goals of the course are:

  • To encourage students to improve their pronunciation of English so that they can be understood effortlessly in both formal and informal situations

  • To enable students to improve their listening comprehension and fluency in interactions which are typical of academic settings, both inside and outside the classroom

  • To give students opportunities to practice making presentations, with feedback, in order to discover areas requiring improvement

  • To encourage students to learn strategies for improving their communication skills throughout their careers

  • To diagnose which grammatical categories of spoken English each student should learn more extensively

  • To develop students' confidence in their interactions with advisors, students and other professionals in their field

Course Details:

  • There are two sections of the course.
  • August 31st - December 4th, MW: 2:30-3:45
  • September 1st - December 3rd, T/TH: 3:30-4:45
  • All classes will be held in Sid Richardson 219

Description of the course:

Students and advisors who are interested in learning more about this course should contact the Course Director, Ilsa Burns

Students who are interested in taking the course in January 2016 should contact the Course Director, Ilsa Burns, as soon as possible.