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Graduate Writing Consultant

Graduate Assistantships Job Order Form
1. Date: 4/28/14
2. Position Title: Graduate Writing Consultant
3. Category: Graduate Writing Center
4. Department Name: English Department/Graduate School
5. Application Deadline:
6. Work Begins: Summer
7. Number of positions: 1
8. Special Instructions:
9. Hours Per Week Required: 10
10. Reports to: Dr. Mary Lynn Klingman, Dr. Chris Rios, Rachel Pietka
11. Supervision Duties: None
12. Positon Description:
13. Essential Function: The primary work of Graduate Writing Consultants is to hold one-on-one conferences with graduate students regarding their writing.
14. Secondary Function: In addition to meeting with graduate student writers, Graduate Writing Consultants design presentations and conduct workshops. They also research current trends in composition scholarship to find useful tools for working with graduate students.
15. Minimum Education: Applicants must be Doctoral Candidates
16. Degree Area: Humanities or Social Sciences
17. Minimum Experience: Applicants with experience in teaching, editing, and tutoring are encouraged to apply.
18. Minimum Skills and Apitudes: Graduate Writing Consultants must be post-prospectus in their degree and have enough experience writing a dissertation to feel comfortable helping others with dissertations, theses, and publishing papers.
19. Desired Traits: Graduate Writing Consultants must have good communications skills and work well with others. They must be able to read graduate student papers under a time limit, and to give insightful and useful advice to the writers. Experience working in peer writing groups is a plus.
20. Contact Name: Rachel Pietka
21. Contact Email:

22. Campus Address: One Bear Place #97404
23. Building Location: Carroll Science
24. Room Number: 307
25. Phone: 254-710-6884