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Bullock Archive Assistant

Graduate Assistantships Job Order Form
1. Date: 07/14/14
2. Position Title: Bullock Archive Graduate Assistant
3. Category: Archival processing
4. Department Name: Bullock Archive
5. Application Deadline: 08/01/14
6. Work Begins: Fall
7. Number of positions: 1
8. Special Instructions: Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and a letter of application, indicating field of graduate study, anticipated stipend needs, and any particular qualifications for this position to Mary Goolsby POAGE LEGISLATIVE LIBRARY One Bear Place #97153 Waco TX 76798 254-710-3540/6735 FAX 254-710-3059 or
9. Hours Per Week Required: 15
10. Reports to: Debbie Todd
11. Supervision Duties: Undergraduates
12. Positon Description:
13. Essential Function: 1. Maintain procedures, guidelines, and inventories for accessing papers in the collections. 2. Perform basic preservation procedures. 3. Supervise student assistants assigned to the various archival projects.
14. Secondary Function: 1. Provide public services for the Poage Library in the absence of the Project Archivist or the Poage Library Director. 2. Assist in preparing displays and exhibits. 3. Carries out other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
15. Minimum Education: Must be currently enrolled graduate student.
16. Degree Area: Prefer student in Political Science, History, American Studies, Museum Studies, or related Social Science field.
17. Minimum Experience: Background in filing and arrangement of materials.
18. Minimum Skills and Apitudes: 1. Organizational ability; ability to infer and abstract, to categorize, and to arrange by content. 2. Ability to meet and interact with the public. 3. Ability to work without direct supervision. 4. Computer skills: word processing and database management.
19. Desired Traits: 1. Familiarity with standard office equipment. 2. Attention to detail. 3. Ability to follow instructions both printed and verbal. 4. Neat and accurate penmanship.
20. Contact Name: Mary Goolsby
21. Contact Email:
22. Campus Address: One Bear Place #97153
23. Building Location: Poage Library
24. Room Number: first floor
25. Phone: 254-710-6735