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goBAYLOR is where you can access our free online application. It will also guide you through the admissions process one step at a time.

Regardless of which application form you use when applying, you must create a goBAYLOR account to track the status of your application. It is your responsibility to check the status of your application file to ensure a complete and thorough review of your application for admission to Baylor University. goBAYLOR is updated daily and should be checked throughout the year for important enrollment information.
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Freshmen Transfer Transfer

If you are a prospective Freshman, Transfer or International student, please click on the appropriate button above to learn what's required for admission. If you don't think you fall into one of those categories, see the additional options below.

If you have completed a degree from another college or university, you are a Post-Baccalaureate student.
If you do not intend to seek a Baylor degree, you may be admitted as a special Non-Degree Seeking student.
If you've submitted an application and your situation has changed, you may need to reapply for admission.

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Here are the ten most popular topics for prospective students and parents.
1. Deposit 6. Value of a Baylor Education
2. Orientation 7. Financial Aid
3. Freshman FAQs 8. Campus Tour
4. Student Blogs 9. Transfers
5. Line Camp 10. goBaylor
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