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Hollywood Behind the Wall
Defa animation buch - Germany (250w x 274h, 31 KB)In 2003, Baylor's German Division purchased "Hollywood Behind the Wall," a special DEFA collection that is sold by Icestorm Video in Amherst, Mass. The collection consists of 61 East German feature films, documentaries, children's films, and short animation films. Dr. Jennifer Good oversees the collection and uses many of the titles for her courses on German film and for film evenings sponsored by Baylor's German Club.

The Dona Reeves-Marquardt Collection
In Spring 2004, long-time German professor and friend of the department, Dr. Dona Reeves-Marquardt, donated hundreds of German books from her personal collection to Baylor. The collection items, now in Moody Library, bear a label indicating their place in the collection.

Die Fackel
Karl Kraus (137w x 180h, 3 KB)by Karl Kraus (1874-1936)

Baylor has the complete collection of over fifty volumes, dating from 1899 to 1936, of the one-man writing-and-publishing phenomenon, the Viennese Karl Kraus.