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 Berlin Bear (w x h, 0 KB)Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt,
weiß nichts von seiner eigenen

Goethe realized two centuries ago that it's difficult to know the complexities of one's own language without studying another. That adage applies even more to our multicultural world today. Study of German can become path to life-changing opportunities, friendships, and challenges. The languages and cultures of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland open up fresh perspectives for understanding the world in infinitely enriching ways.

German is a major language in today's unified Europe. If you know German, you can enhance your career opportunities, especially in the areas of international business, foreign service, international transportation, communication, and finance. In addition, German is particularly useful if you plan to study theology, music, psychology, philosophy, history, or any of the hard sciences.

Much can be done in a Baylor classroom. One example is the presentations several students from GER 2320 gave in Spring 2009 on the following figures: Goethe, Erich Kaestner, Cornelia Funke, Karl May, Bertolt Brecht, and Paul Maar.

Besides the splendid work that goes on in the classroom, it is studying abroad in a German-speaking country that really enhances fluency and cultural competence. Several of our students have won DAAD and Fulbright Awards for that purpose. Baylor's exchange program with Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg/Breisgau allows students to receive Baylor credit for one semester or an entire academic year of courses. In addition, the MAUI-UTRECHT program offers exchanges with Basel, Bochum, Leipzig, and Graz.

 Elbe River Valley (w x h, 0 KB)Think BiG! Baylor in Germany returns strong for Summer 2014. Beginning mid-July 2014, we'll again spend a week of directed travel and cultural study in Mainz, Weimar, and Berlin before settling in for four weeks of classes at the Technical University in Dresden. Get it on your calendar!

Got coffee? Take a break with us during our weekly Kaffeestunde (Mondays 3:30-4:30 in the Hawkins German Lounge, Old Main 271).

Please contact us and let us answer your questions about German at Baylor! Division Director, Dr. Ann McGlashan