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Center for University Programs Abroad (Paris)

Baylor French Students:

Sixteen years ago, Baylor University started a year-long exchange program in Paris with the Center for Undergraduate Programs Abroad (CUPA). For the last twenty-five years, CUPA has arranged family homestays, classrooms and a civilization program for the Baylor in Paris Summer Study Program. CUPA is well regarded for its excellent academic program in Paris and ranks with leading Junior Year in France Programs including Hamilton, Sweetbriar, and New York University.

Here are the details. This next Fall Baylor will send one exchange student to Paris to take part in CUPA's year-long study abroad program. CUPA will place the student in a selected Parisian family and will help him/her to choose and enroll in courses in a number of Parisian universities including the Sorbonne, the Institut Catholique, and the Institut Britannique. Subjects include French language and literature, art history, political science, foreign relations, history and philosophy. In addition, CUPA has arranged for special language, civilization and theater courses to be taught by Parisian university professors in its headquarters located on the Left Bank at 19, rue Cassette. The families are located within Paris and not the suburbs.

Before leaving for France next Fall, the students will pay Baylor full tuition, room, board, and fees for an academic year (two semesters). It will be possible to make two payments with the second due in December before the beginning of Spring classes. In return, the student will receive two semesters of tuition, room and board in Paris. Transportation costs to and from Paris are not included. However, since a year in Paris costs considerably more than one at Baylor, the exchange students will in effect be spending much less than Junior Year in France programs usually charge.

The exchange program is open to Baylor students who are currently freshmen, sophomores and juniors in good standing. By May 2014, one must have completed at least the first five semesters of French (including one advanced level French course). Preference will be given to sophomores who are declared French majors or minors. Other items considered in the decision are the Grade Point Average (GPA), excellence in French and a personal interview. Students are expected to commit themselves to spending an academic year (two semesters) in Paris with the Baylor-CUPA exchange program.

If you are interested, please complete the application form and return it to me, Dr. David Uber, by October 15, 2014. The Division of French and Italian will make its decision by November 3, 2014. Applications for Spring 2015 are due October 1, 2014. Please visit the CIE page for this program here.


David M. Uber
Division of French and Italian
Room 304A Old Main
(254) 710-6026

Visit the CUPA website or contact for more information about these programs.