Permanent class officers and former student government officers support Transition Agreement

Sept. 3, 2013

Dear Baylor Family:

In less than one week, there is an occasion to let your voice be heard. On Saturday, September 7 at 11:00 a.m. in Waco Hall, the Baylor Alumni Association membership will be given the opportunity to vote upon a transition agreement with Baylor University. This vote will have a tremendous impact on Baylor and its 165,000 alumni.

When the leadership of Baylor and the BAA came together to discern a way forward in the best interest of Baylor and Baylor alumni, we trusted the process. They labored for hundreds of hours to make sure that this was the best possible agreement for both parties. It incorporates the BAA's wonderful traditions and programs into Baylor's excellent alumni engagement strategy, while allowing the Baylor Line magazine to continue as an independent voice. To us, this seems like a reasonable and fair compromise; a win-win for everyone involved. Let's not let the work of so many of these dedicated leaders, including our own Collin Cox (Student Body President, 1995-1997 and Permanent Class President, 1997), go by the wayside. We take great comfort in the fact that the Executive Committee of the Baylor Alumni Association unanimously decided to bring the transition agreement to the entire BAA membership after ten months of thoughtful discussions and tireless work.

As former student body officers and permanent class presidents, we are all well aware of the long conflict that has hampered our family unity. But now, it's time to put the past disagreements behind us to move Baylor forward. The University is in a period of incredible success, thanks in large part to the leadership and vision of President Ken Starr and his senior leadership team. Baylor's devotion to academic excellence and Christian commitment has never been stronger.

We respectfully ask you to do two things. First, we ask that - if you are a member of the BAA - please show up to Waco Hall on September 7 and vote in favor of the transition agreement. Second, we ask that you encourage your classmates and any other Baylor friends to do the same.

This is our chance to leave a lasting impact on the University that we all love. Let's move forward. Vote "Yes" on September 7.


Barry Beal
Permanent Class President, 1988

Don C. Berry
Permanent Class President, 1956

Matthew Burchett
External Vice President, 2000-2001

Matthew Flanigan
Student Body President, 2001-2002
Permanent Class President, 2002

Jack Fields
Student Body President, 1974

Jordan M. Hannah
Student Body President, 2009-2010

Jeff Leach
Student Body President, 2003-2005

Alan J. Lefever
Permanent Class President, 1984

David Lotz
Student Body President, 1987-1988

Brian Kim
Permanent Class President, 2013
Internal Vice President, 2012-2013

Allan R. Marshall
External Vice President, 2006-2007

Calvin N. McKaig M.D.
Permanent Class President, 1958

Angela Gray Oliver
External Vice President, 2011-2012
Permanent Class Secretary-Treasurer, 2012

Chase Palmer
Permanent Class President, 1996

Kirk L. Pittard
Student Body President, 1994-1995

Travis E. Plummer
Student Body President, 2007-2008

Kelly Rapp
Student Body President, 2012-2013

Christy Rome
Internal Vice President, 1998-1999
Permanent Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1999

Zach Rogers
Student Body President, 2011-2012
Permanent Class President, 2012

John Rolph
Student Body President, 1999-2001
Permanent Class President, 2001

Gannon Sims
Student Body President, 1997-1999
Permanent Class President, 1999

Jenni Walton Scott
Student Body President, 1993-1994

Jeffrey W. Wallace
Student Body President, 1986-1987
Permanent Class President, 1987

Kathy Wilson
Permanent Class President, 2010

Michael Wright
Student Body President, 2010-2011
Internal Vice President, 2009-2010

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