Baylor "B" Association Membership Demonstrates Historic Act of Unity

July 29, 2013

What a GREAT day to be a Baylor Bear!

Blessings continue for Baylor Athletics as we prepare to enter another exciting fall sports season. As I mentioned in our last update, we plan to celebrate the memories and history of games played in Floyd Casey Stadium by hosting Decade Reunions at each home football game this fall. The response we are receiving for the reunions has been amazing. Hundreds of former players have contacted us to confirm their attendance. If you are a former football player and haven't rsvp'd for your reunion, I encourage you to do so today. Join us and let's help make this final season in the Case one to remember.

Last Saturday, the Baylor "B" Association's general membership, led by President Phil Duren and Past President Jim Daniel, voted unanimously in favor of a resolution proposed by the association's executive committee to fully integrate into the overall structure of the university. I wish to thank those of you who attended the meeting to allow your voices to be heard. Thank you for trusting your leadership and for making an informed decision on behalf of the association. The actions you took on Saturday not only demonstrated a historic act of unity, it also demonstrated your love and commitment to our beloved association and our alma mater.

Since the 1940‟s, the "B" Association has operated independently, providing services to all Baylor letterwinners and support to our university. However, in recent years, Baylor leaders have sought to unify all affiliated entities fully under the auspices of the university. In the spirit of cooperation, the "B" Association embraces this concept and looks forward to continuing to fulfill its mission. It is important to note that while the new agreement with Baylor allows the association to continue operating as normal, there are several other very positive aspects of the agreement that will enhance member benefits and strengthen our relationship with the university:

  • Formal contractual recognition of the "B" Association by the Baylor University Board of Regents.

  • Allows the association to maintain control of assets including donations.

  • Contributions to "B" Association are tax deductible through the university's tax-exempt status.

  • Greater investment strength through Baylor's investment leverage.

  • Recognized prestige as an advisory arm to the Baylor Athletics Council and to the Baylor Board of Regents.

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