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Line Notes: Transition Agreement fails to garner super majority 9/9/2013
Waco Trib: BAA future unclear after transition agreement rejected 9/8/2013
President Starr Statement on BAA Vote 9/7/2013
Waco Trib: LETTERS: The Baylor Alumni Association debate concludes 9/7/2013
Baylor Lariat: Alumni Network works to unite Baylor family 9/6/2013
Baylor Lariat: Viewpoint: "Yes" vote good for students, alumni 9/6/2013
Line Notes: Baylor Board of Regents unanimously approve new BLC License Agreement 9/6/2013
Waco Trib: Bill Whitaker: Baylor-BAA fracas just isn't on many BU students' radar 9/6/2013
Waco Trib: Brian E. Daugbjerg, guest columnist: Transition agreement will bring alumni outreach into 21st century 9/6/2013
Waco Trib: Baylor alumni group unveils magazine proposal ahead of transition agreement vote 9/6/2013
Waco Trib: Brad Toben, guest columnist: BAA debate is no place to make personal attacks 9/6/2013
Waco Trib: Former Gov. Mark White pleas for Baylor Regents to delay BAA transition vote 9/6/2013
Baylor Alumni are Lining Up to Support a Unified Baylor 9/5/2013
Baylor Lariat: Baylor/BAA Transition: Those who say Yes 9/5/2013
Baylor Lariat: New era of Baylor pending BAA member vote 9/5/2013
Baylor Lariat: Saturday decision holds fate of The Baylor Line magazine 9/5/2013
Line Notes: BAA board votes "yes" after reviewing new license for Baylor Line 9/5/2013
Line Notes: Press Release from BAA Leadership 9/5/2013
Waco Trib: Kelly Rapp, guest columnist: Non-voting Baylor regents have plenty of say 9/5/2013
BAA Board of Directors Affirm Agreement 9/3/2013
Line Notes: Baylor Alumni Association posts membership list online 9/3/2013
Permanent class officers and former student government officers support Transition Agreement 9/3/2013
Student Senate Supports Alumni Unification 9/3/2013
Line Notes: BAA to host second all-member conference call on Sept 5 9/2/2013
Waco Trib: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Transition agreement promises healing, unity for Baylor Nation 9/1/2013
Waco Trib: Todd Still, Jim H. Patton, Lori Baker, guest columnists: Baylor faculty senate agrees move will help alumni, university 9/1/2013

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