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Grant Teaff: One Baylor. United. 8/30/2013
Line Notes: BAA Board adopts standing rules for September 7 meeting 8/30/2013
Staff Council Supports Transition Agreement 8/30/2013
Baptist Standard: Baylor Alumni Association vote sparks media blitz 8/29/2013
Line Notes: BAA board freezes membership pertaining to Sept 7 vote 8/28/2013
Faculty Senate Announces Unanimous Support of Transition Agreement 8/27/2013
Waco Trib: M. Stephen Beard, guest columnist: 'No' vote at Baylor Alumni Association meeting means serious consequences 8/25/2013
East Village welcomes its first residents 8/23/2013
LINE Notes: Member questions answered during BAA conference call 8/23/2013
Waco Trib: Meredith Pinson-Creasey, guest columnist: Financial realities demand focus on upcoming BAA vote 8/23/2013
Baylor Stadium Update - Structural Steel 8/22/2013
Waco Trib: Baylor's new East Village dorm aims to attract more upperclassmen to on-campus housing 8/21/2013
Waco Trib: Wilton Lanning, Board of Contributors: It's high time for Baylor infighting to end 8/21/2013
BAA Line Note: BAA will host an all-member conference call on Friday 8/20/2013
Waco Trib: Carroll Webb, guest columnist: Alumni, vote 'yes' to ensure strong future for Baylor, BAA 8/18/2013
President Starr: A Historical Perspective on Unity of Purpose and Action 8/16/2013
Waco Trib: John Howard, guest columnist: Here's how to keep BAA voice independent 8/16/2013
Baylor Stadium Time Lapse 8/12/2013
Waco Trib: Silas Ragsdale, Kyle Gilley, guest columnists: Forging a new era of harmony for Baylor, BAA 8/10/2013
Transition Agreement Message from BAA President 8/6/2013
Earl Santee, guest columnist: A football stadium needs great location, great passion -- and Baylor has both 8/4/2013
Waco Trib: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Baylor hearts, skills aiding African orphans 8/4/2013
Ken Starr: Baylor students' work in Africa ensures a better world 8/1/2013
Waco Trib: Joe E. Baxter Sr, guest columnist: It's time for entire Baylor family to join forces 8/1/2013

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