Every Baylor Leadership Group Favors Transition Agreement

BAA Board of Directors Executive Committee

"The executive committee of the Baylor Alumni Association (BAA) board of directors has recommended that the membership approve a transition for the organization."

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BAA Board of Directors

Voted overwhelmingly in favor of the agreement

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University Board of Regents

"This new initiative ensures that the alumni perspective will also contribute meaningfully to the on-going conversations and considerations of Baylor regents as they continue to guide the University forward." — Chairman Richard Willis, BBA '81, MBA '82

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Baylor President Ken Starr

"A vote of 'yes' unifies the Baylor alumni community. Voting 'yes' will provide alumni around the world with opportunities to engage in a robust alumni program supported by a full complement of university resources."

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University Senior Administration

"By coming together in this forward-thinking manner, we will have formed a single, comprehensive, university-based alumni engagement program whose reach will be worldwide and whose strength will be unparalleled."

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Student Senate

"On behalf of the student body of Baylor University, we ask all members of the Baylor Alumni Association to vote in favor of the Transition Agreement on September 7."

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Faculty Senate

"In the unanimous view of the Faculty Senate, this agreement promises a structure that allows alumni to work more directly and effectively with the Board of Regents and the university administration while maintaining an independent voice in university affairs through the proposed creation of the Baylor Line Corporation and the continuing publication of the Baylor Line."

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Staff Council

"The Baylor University Staff Council recognizes the importance and value in the BAA Transition Agreement in bringing about reconciliation between Baylor University and Baylor Alumni Association."

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Collin Cox, BA '97, BAA President and life member

"We now have the opportunity to solidify [alumni] independence, while simultaneously contributing meaningfully to a fully cohesive set of alumni programs that will help bring Baylor President Ken Starr's vision of Baylor alumni outreach to reality."

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Silas Ragsdale, BA '75, BAA President-Elect and life member, & Kyle Gilley, BBA '94, BAA Secretary and life member

"We believe the time has come for the Baylor Alumni Association to define its course for the future. The pending Transition Agreement represents the best opportunity for the association to retain an independent voice without entering into a litigious relationship with our beloved Baylor. On Sept. 7, please join us on a vote of yes on the Transition Agreement."

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Meredith Pinson-Creasey, BA '84, member, BAA Board of Directors

"Failure of the transition agreement will be a fiduciary failure. … Voting 'no' is betting on an uncertain future to retain current status, with current or greater restrictions. That seems to be an unwise financial proposition."

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Legendary football coach Grant Teaff, BAA life member

"As a coach, I know to win, a team must be united, dedicated to a single purpose. For Baylor to continue to win, our alumni must be steadfast in their dedication to move Baylor Forward. I urge all members of the Baylor Alumni Association to vote in favor of the Transition Agreement."

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Former Student Government Officers from the Classes of 1956-2013

"This is our chance to leave a lasting impact on the University that we all love. Let's move forward. Vote 'Yes' on September 7."

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Carroll Webb, BBA '47, BAA life member and WWII veteran

"Because I strongly believe that the Transition Agreement best serves the interests of both the BAA and Baylor, I plan to attend the meeting and voice a very loud 'Yes' for its passage. I hope many of you do the same."

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Joe Baxter, BBA '49, BAA life member and president of International Achievement Inc.

"I plan to vote for the transition agreement in September and I encourage all other Baylor Alumni Association members to do the same. Under the leadership of President Ken Starr, Baylor has a very bright future but we need to move forward together. When you look at all that Baylor has accomplished over the past 10 years with its growing student body and fundraising for endowed scholarships and for facilities, it shows that without a doubt there is plenty of support for Baylor from its alumni."

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Wilton Lanning, BA '62, BAA life member and longtime Waco business leader

"Former and present students of Baylor have much to be proud of. We see a university moving forward, grandly exceeding the 'Vision 2012' proclaimed years ago. … It is time. Join me in voting yes on Sept. 7."

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Randy Fields, BBA '70, MBA '71, JD '77, Former BAA President and life member

"I believe that the proposal ... preserves the mission of the association by maintaining an independent alumni voice, while maximizing the relationship with all Baylor alumni through the combined resources of the university and the association."

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M. Stephen Beard, BBA '71, JD '73, BAA life member; practicing attorney and Waco resident since 1967

"This two-hour period is a most narrow window of opportunity to be heard, but it is important for alumni to dedicate part of that Saturday to cast a vote. If you believe a 'no' vote is in the best interests of the BAA, please reconsider in light of the consequences. A 'yes' vote is best for all concerned."

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John Howard, BA '85, BAA life member; senior manager for global policy at Dell

"I hope you will join me Sept. 7 in voting for the Transition Agreement so that we can move forward in creating a strengthened alumni program and retaining our critical independent voice."

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