Vote 'YES'

Why vote "YES" for the Transition Agreement?

  • The agreement couples many of the BAA's honored traditions with the multitude of programs sponsored by the flourishing Baylor Alumni Network. Last year alone, the Baylor Alumni Network, with its more than 600 volunteers, held nearly 850 events in 150 unique locations, engaging more than 35,000 Baylor alumni and friends. Spread across the globe, Baylor's loyal alumni deserve a robust alumni network that is part of the university itself.
  • In providing for the continuation for the Baylor Line as an independently operated magazine, the agreement will preserve a valuable voice in the Baylor conversation, enhancing the magazine's opportunity to raise, explore and debate important and complex questions for the benefit of the Baylor family.
  • The agreement provides for a non-voting alumni regent to be added to the University's governance — giving alumni both a seat and a voice at the regent table, while providing Baylor regents with the benefit of regular input from an essential constituent group.
  • Failure to pass the Transition Agreement will end all operating and licensing agreements between Baylor and the BAA. BAA staff could lose jobs and the BAA will retain no legal access to the "Baylor" name.
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