John Barry, Vice President for Marketing and Communications and Chief Marketing Officer

John BarryWe are living in very complicated times, and Baylor University faces a variety of significant challenges ahead. How shall we respond to the rising costs of education while preserving the essence of a high-quality Baylor education? How does our faith commitment influence our institutional priorities? How do University leaders, teachers, and researchers most effectively speak into the national conversation on issues of great importance to future generations? How do we continue envisioning Baylor's future?

Since its creation in 1946, the Baylor Line magazine has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning Baylor and a place for in-depth reporting on vital issues. Although it will be an independent publication, my colleagues and I look forward to assisting those producing the Baylor Line. We know that the Line will make a valuable contribution as a "round table" around which important and complex questions related to Baylor and higher education can be explored and discussed by the entire Baylor family.

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