Richard Willis, Chairman of the Baylor Board of Regents

Richard WillisTwo years ago, Baylor regents voted to enhance the breadth of experience represented on the university's governing board by including two non-voting regents, one drawn from the faculty and the other from Baylor's student body. Those occupying these positions have brought an important outlook to our deliberations. By regularly bringing forward a specific campus viewpoint, these dedicated and thoughtful individuals are regularly making significant contributions to decisions rendered by Baylor Regents.

Now, as a result of our negotiation, and as provided for in the transition agreement between Baylor and the BAA, we look forward to welcoming the new and distinct viewpoint of a non-voting alumni regent to board meetings and discussions. This new initiative ensures that the alumni perspective will also contribute meaningfully to the on-going conversations and considerations of Baylor regents as they continue to guide the University forward.

Baylor Forward