Did You Know?

Baylor enjoys an enduring history of alumni support and engagement in furthering her mission. Below are some highlights and milestones of that heritage:

  • Under the guidance of Baylor President Rufus C. Burleson, Baylor alumni first organized in support of their alma mater in 1859. According to archival records, 42 former students initially qualified for membership.
  • Alumni have operated under several names in serving Baylor University, including Alumni Association of Baylor University (1879), Ex-Students Association (1941), and Baylor Alumni Association (1976).
  • The Baylor Alumni Association's role on campus has evolved over the decades in response to Baylor's changing needs, shifting its focus from recruiting students and fundraising to serving as "friendraisers" and advocates for Baylor in denominational relations.
  • Members of Baylor's staff and faculty have guided the alumni association's operations during key periods of the BAA's history, including Mayes Behrman (1921-26), Lily Russell (1932-46), and George Stokes (1961-71).
  • The Baylor Alumni Association has been housed in a variety of locations over the years, including Carroll Chapel and Library, Jurisprudence Hall, Pat Neff Hall, the Student Union Building, and the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center.
  • The first Ex-Students Directory was published in 1920, compiled under the direction of Baylor English professor A. J. Armstrong, who wrote in the introduction, "To the great Baylor Family whose genealogy is contained within these pages I send my most sincere gratitude that this book has been made possible by the unswerving loyalty characteristic of the Baylor spirit."
  • In 1927, when Baylor needed to increase its endowment to $2 million, alumni collaborated with President Samuel Palmer Brooks and Baylor's Board of Trustees in a fundraising campaign, noting that "the Alumni and Ex-students of Baylor University are bound and obligated by every consideration of gratitude, appreciation, and loyalty to preserve and advance the welfare of this Institution."
  • At the first Freshman Convocation in 1962, Ex-Students Association Director George Stokes told the freshman class, "You have joined not only a great student body but also an illustrious line of alumni. You will be a member of the student body for four years, but for the rest of your lives you will be a member of the alumni."

In June 2013, Baylor University and Baylor Alumni Association leaders forged an agreement to create a single, comprehensive, university-based alumni engagement program. Read the Transition Agreement here.

To learn more about the proposed agreement, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on this site.

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