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Leadership Team

The Fine Arts LLC Leadership Team is a group of students who are liaisons between the students and staff in the Fine Arts Living-Learning Center. Under the advisement of the Program Coordinator, the Leadership Team seeks to foster a sense of community through intentional programming and events for the LLC as a whole.

The LLC Leadership team is designed to create a sense of community within the hall and serve as a sounding board to the LLC leadership to assist students in creating a comprehensive fine arts environment. Each LLC team member provides leadership in a certain area of hall living. From designing events, to marketing, to mentoring students, there is something for everyone on the Leadership Team!!!

Meet the 2013-2014 Team!!!!

Zerek D

Zerek Dodson
Team Coordinator
University Scholar/Music Performance
3rd Year in LLC

“What has kept me coming back to the LLC each year are the great opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction with like-minded student artists and fantastic, friendly faculty.”

James H

James Herd
2nd Year LLC member
“I love the Fine Arts LLC because it rewards me with the experience of working in a tight-knit community, and it allows me to make many friends who share the same interests that I have.

Kristi Kneedler

Kristi Kneedler
Academic Commitee Chair
1st year LLC Member
University Scholars/Great Texts
“I love living in the Fine Arts LLC because I think that artists are the most inspiring people I could ever meet.

Nathan D

Nathan Dowling
Academic Commitee
2nd Year in the LLC
“I originally had thought I joined because of the opportunities to collaborate with other musicians. I have since realized that the LLC gives so many more opportunities to interact with the other fine arts disciplines. It is truly an incredible community!”

Ben H

Ben Herman:
Academic Commitee
1st Year LLC Member
Theatre Performance
“I believe that the best environment for an artist of any kind is to be around other artists, so it is practical for me. In addition artists are the most fun people."

Elijah R

Elijah Rangel
Social Commitee Chair
1st Year LLC Member
Applied Music and International Studies
“I absolutely love the friendly and creative environment that the LLC has to offer. The Co-Ed aspect and the fun residents make Heritage House a wonderful place to live."

Vaylor A

Vaylor Ayala
PR Committee Chair
2nd Year LLC Member

“I love the Fine arts LLC because it lets me stay connect to my artistic interests even though i am pursuing a degree in the sciences, and allows me to meet other individuals who share those same interests."

Josh D

Josh Dietert
CL Liaison
1st Year LLC Member
Secondary Math Education

"I love the FA LLC because of the people that live in the community! The commnity is built around common interests that intersect and bring people together!"


Danny Abuloc

Social Committee

1st Year LLC Member

Medical Humanities

"I chose to live in the LLC because I wanted to be a part of a community that shared the same interest in music that I do."