Living in the North Village

The Fine Arts LLC is housed in Baylor’s state-of-the-art North Village Residential Community, featuring apartment-style living, study lobbies and laundry facilities on each floor, beautiful outdoor settings designed for study and meditation, and a central community center with “smart-classroom” technology, meeting areas, living room/presentation space with a fireplace and a small stage.

Students in the Fine Arts LLC live in Heritage House, part of the North Village Residence Complex. The residence hall in closest proximity to Baylor’s premiere fine arts facilities: the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center, the Lewis Art Building, the Glennis McCrary Music Building, and the Castellaw Communications Center.

Please note: If you are an incoming student, once you have been accepted to Baylor, paid your deposit and been accepted into the Fine Arts LLC, you will be automatically assigned to the North Village.

If you are a returning student, you may be able to select your own space within the Fine Arts LLC rooms in North Village through the on-line system. For more information, click here.