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The Baylor Interior Design Association (BIDA) is a professional organization for interior design majors that focuses on design education, professional networking and growth, community involvement, and service. Meetings are held once a month featuring guest speakers such as practitioners representing various areas of the design field or industry representatives. On-site tours of public spaces of interest are also meeting venues. Members also gather for a back to school welcome party in the fall, Christmas brunch, and senior lunch celebration in May. Participation in fundraising events and service projects are required activities. Members participate annually in the Texas Association of ASID student conferences and design competitions as well as the Texas/Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA student symposium and events.

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BIDA Gallery

ASID Student Symposium
ASID Student Symposium 2
Participants in Cre8
ASID Student Symposium 3
Back to School Party
Back to School Party 2
Back to School Party 3
Back to School Party 4
Breakfast at ASID
Idea Sharing for Social Design Summit
IIDA Student Symposiuim
Junque and the Trunk Meeting 3
Junque and the Trunk Meeting 4
Senior Brunch
Senior Brunch 2
Senior Brunch 3
Service with Habitat for Humanity
Social Design Summit
Junque and the Trunk Meeting 2
Junque and the Trunk Meeting
Service with Habitat for Humanity (2)
Tour of a Construction Site with ASID