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Certified Family Life Educator

What are the benefits of being a Certified Family Life Educator?
The Baylor Child and Family Studies department offers the chance to become a Certified Family Life Educator. Certification as a Family Life Educator recognizes a proven background and understanding in each of ten family life content areas. While CFLEs may work specifically in one discipline, such as parent education or marriage enrichment, their understanding of the many areas that affect today's families enables them to be more effective in their efforts to educate and work with individuals and families. The Certified Family Life Educator designation recognizes the educational, preventive, and enriching nature of their work. Additionally, standards identified for certification help to increase awareness and understanding of family life education as a profession."

• Increases your credibility by showing that you have met the high standards and criteria needed to provide quality family life education
• Adds credibility to the field of family life education by defining standards and criteria needed to provide quality family life education.
• Validates your education and experience.
• Recognizes your expertise in the broad, comprehensive range of issues which constitute family life education.
• Provides you with opportunities for networking with other family life educators both locally and nationally. CFLEs receive a quarterly newsletter, access to a directory of other CFLEs and access to the CFLE list.

For more information regarding Baylor's CFLE program, please contact Dr. Janet Crow.
To further research CFLE please see the National Council on Family Relations web page.