Baylor University
Family & Consumer Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

Donna Burnett, Ph.D., RD

Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences

Nutrition Sciences

Contact Information

Telephone: (254)710-6258


Office: MGJ 110

Mailing Address:

    One Bear Place #97346

    Waco, TX 76798


  • Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • M.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • M.Ed., University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • M.S. Christian Counseling, Cairn University

  • B.S. Home Economics, University of Alabama

Nutrition Sciences:

  • Nutrition

  • Food Science/Advanced Food Science

  • Meal Management

  • Life Cycle Nutrition

  • Experimental Foods

  • Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences

Areas of Interest and Research:

  • Food Science

  • Food Acceptability

  • Barriers to Home Food Preparation

  • Adolescent Eating Behaviors


  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Background includes 20 years' experience in clinical and administrative dietetics prior to entering the sub-discipline of dietetics education.


  • FCS 3435 Food Service Production

  • FCS 5370 Research Methods in Nutrition Sciences

  • FCS 1301 Food Science

Teaching Interests:

  • Research methods

  • Nutrition in public health

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Health behavior

  • Nutrition in public health


  • College Health

  • Behavioral Health Nutrition

  • Water Safety and Sanitation

Selected Publications:

Burnett, D. & Evans, R. (In review). Systematic review investigating the association between child sexual abuse and obesity. Journal of Women's Health Issues.

Womack, J., Davis, J., & Burnett, D. (2012). Spartan fortitude: An auto-ethnographical account of hunger and stamina. McNair Scholar's program submission (faculty mentor).

Franks, B., Burnett, D., & Evans, R.R. (2012). Risk factors and prevention strategies for suicide among the elderly. Alabama Counseling Association, 38(2), 32-42.

Burnett, D. O. (November 22, 2011). Use of satellite remote sensing for groundwater mapping in Haiti. Earthzine. Available online at:

Padgett-Vasquez, S., Olson, J., Huang, J., Campbell, K., Foreman, M., Whitley, C., Keyes, D., McManus, M., Luvall, J., & Burnett, D. (2011). Linking landscape changes with water quality changes in the Cahaba River through the use of NASA Earth Observing System. NASA technical paper: NASA.

Evans, R.R., & Burnett, D.O. (2009). Nutrition and physical activity resources to promote health among youth. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 13(3), 254-264.

Evans, R.R., Burnett, D. O., Kendrick, O.W., Macrina, D.M., Snyder, S.W., Roy, J.P.L., & Stephens, B.C. (2009). Developing valid and reliable online survey instruments using commercial software programs. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 13(1), 42-52.

Evans, R., Roy, J., Geiger, B., Werner, K., & Burnett, D. (2008). Ecological strategies to promote healthy body image among children. Journal of School Health, 78(7), 359-367.

Fulmore, J., Werner, K., Powell, B., & Burnett, D. (2005). Learning through service: Building a curriculum one lesson at a time. The Health Education Monograph Series, 22(2), 39-41.