Baylor University
Family & Consumer Sciences
Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Rinn McLellan Cloud

Rinn M. Cloud, Ph.D., Department Chair

Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences

Mary Gibbs Jones Endowed Chair in Textile Science

Contact Information

Telephone: (254)710-6266


Office: 117 Goebel Building

Mailing Address:

  • One Bear Place #97346

    Waco, TX 76798



  • Ph.D. University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • M.S. Purdue University
  • B.S. Louisiana State University


  • American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
  • International Textile and Apparel Association (Vice President of Publications)
  • Industrial Fabrics Association International


With educational preparation in both textile science and apparel design, Dr. Cloud has worked in the area of textile product performance at Louisiana State University, Virginia Tech and Florida State University where she held the Margaret Sitton Professorship in Human Sciences and served as department chair for 11 years. Her research focuses on the health and comfort aspects of a variety of functional fabrics and task-specific garments. She studies the influence of human factors and environmental attributes on protective clothing for agricultural workers, medical personnel and police/military personnel. Her work also extends to garments for dance, sports and posture support.


  • Technological advances in fibers and fabrics
  • Sustainability in the textile industry
  • Textile product development
  • Garment specifications and tech packs

Selected Publications:

Cloud, R., Cao, W., and Song, G. (2013) Effects of functional textile finishes on comfort and protection of consumer apparel. Chapter 16 in Advances in Dyes, Chemicals and Finishes for Technical Textiles, M.L. Gulrajani, Ed., Woodhead Publishing Limited: Cambridge, England.

McRoberts, L.B., Cloud, R.M. , and Black, C., (2013) Evaluation of the New York Posture Rating Chart for assessing changes in postural alignment in a garment study. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 31, 81-96.

Cao,W. and Cloud, R.M. (2011) The effect of pre-wetting on liquid penetration performance of surgical gown fabrics, The Journal of the Textile Institute,102, pp 604-611.

Cao,W. and Cloud, R.M. (2011) Balancing protection and comfort in textiles worn by medical personnel. Chapter 14 in Improving Comfort in Clothing, G. Song, Ed., Woodhead Publishing Limited: Cambridge, England.

Song, G., Cao, W. and Cloud, R. (2011) Medical textiles and thermal comfort. Chapter 10 in Handbook of Medical Textiles, V.T. Bartels, Ed, Woodhead Publishing Limited: Cambridge, England.

Barker, J., Black, C., and Cloud, R. M. (2010) Comfort comparison of ballistic vest panels for police officers. Journal of Textile and Apparel Management, 6 (3). Published on-line at

Cao, W. and Cloud, R. (2010) Effects of temperature on liquid penetration performance of surgical gown fabrics, International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 22, pp 319-322

Mitchka, J., Black, C., Cloud, R.M., and Heitmeyer, J. (2009) Problem structure perceived: Dance practicewear needs of adult female dance students. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 27, 31-44.

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Cloud, R.M., Brown, W. and Moore, M.A. (2004) Methods for collecting end-user assessments of personal protective equipment. Solutions and Opportunities for the Safety and Protective Fabrics Industry: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Safety and Protective Fabrics, pp. 61-66