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Interior Design students are required to complete an internship in residential, commercial, or a specialized area related to design as approved by a faculty supervisor.
Before enrolling in FCS 4398 Interior Design Field Experience, students must complete FCS 3198 Internship Seminar. During the seminar class, students prepare their resume, cover letters and begin the development and design of their portfolio. They also research internship possibilities
in geographic areas of interest. Traditionally, the field experience takes place during the summer between the junior and senior year. An internship position must be secured before the end of the spring semester for those meeting the field experience requirements in the summer. This allows the student the opportunity to complete a concentrated internship in their market of choice. Specific requirements are:

  • The student seeks and acquires an internship position with approval of and agreement with the faculty supervisor and employer.
  • The student intern must be under the supervision of a licensed or registered interior design or architect related to the student's career interests and objectives.
  • The student must complete 240 hours of work experience for three credit hours.
  • The student is responsible for weekly reporting to the faculty adviser during the field experience according to guidelines specified in the internship handbook.
  • Upon completion of the field experience, the student will provide interior design faculty and peers with a summary of his/her experiences in a formal presentation.

Interior Design students have enjoyed successful internships across the country as well as in the London area. Sites include Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Fe, and Los Angeles, California and others. Site examples are:

Residential Internships

Commercial Internships

Jan Showers Interiors - Dallas, TX
Catherine Dolen & Associates - Waco, TX
Hayslip & Associates - Dallas, TX
Creative Design Consultants, Inc. - Costa
Mesa, CA
Ronchetti Design Inc. - Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Slovack-Bass Interior Designs - Houston, TX
Home Place Interiors - Waco, TX
Cathy Kincaid Interiors - Dallas, TX
IDG Interiors - Austin, TX
Dan Carithers Design Consultants - Atlanta, GA
Cliff Young Ltd. - New York City, NY
F. Schumacher, Inc. - Dallas, TX

Internships Abroad

Blanchard Interiors - London, UK
Fox Linton Associates - London, UK
Carden Cunietti - London, UK

Enterprise Design - Dallas, TX
HKS, Inc. - Dallas, TX
Raso, Bailey, Dudley, & Rose Inc. - Waco, TX
Beery Rio & Associates - Springfield, VA
HOK - Dallas, TX, Houston, TX
Vivian/Nichols Associates - Dallas, TX
Paul Duesing Partners - Dallas, TX
Vision 360 - Dallas, TX
Wilson & Associates - Dallas, TX
ForrestPerkins LLC - Dallas, TX
Brooks Reid Studio - Houston, TX
DMJM/Rottet -  Los Angeles, CA