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Apparel Design students are required to complete an internship with a design establishment approved by a faculty advisor during a summer of six to twelve weeks. Prior to enrolling in FCS 4394, students must have completed the prerequisites FCS 2373 Apparel Design I, FCS 3360 Cad Apparel Design/Retail and FCS 3373 Apparel Design II. An internship position should be secured prior to the end of the spring semester of the junior or senior year for students fulfilling internship experiences during the summer.

MTV internship

The student:

  • Must compile a resume, cover letters and portfolio prior to seeking an internship

  • Seeks and acquires an internship position with the approval of the faculty supervisor

  • Must be under the supervision of a professional in the apparel and textile industry

  • Will work a minimum of 240 hours in an approved retail organization to earn three credit hours.

  • Is responsible for all lessons and reporting to the faculty advisor during the internship experience

  • Is provided with an internship packet prior to the field experience.

Upon completion of the internship, the student will provide Apparel Design faculty and peers with a summary of his/her experiences. PowerPoint presentations with photos of their work experience are required.

In the past fashion design majors have completed internships both within the states and internationally. Locations have included New York, Paris, Italy, London, Los Angeles, Dallas as well as numerous other locations.

Fashion Design Internships

XOXO and Rampage - Los Angeles, CA

Quick Silver - Los Angeles, CA

Finley � Dallas, TX

Haggar - Dallas, TX

Skif - St. Louis, MI

Creative Customs Swimwear - Florida

Mint Collection � New York City, NY

Shoshanna - New York City, NY

Anna Sui - New York City, NY

Betsey Johnson - New York City, NY

MTV - New York City, NY

Internships Abroad

Ann-Louise Roswald - London, UK

Christopher & La Lou � Paris, France

Amanda Wakely � London, UK

Matthew Williamson � London, UK

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