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Hybrid Cars Are a Status Symbol of Sorts for Seniors, Baylor Consumer Study Shows
WACO, Texas (Oct. 9, 2013) -- Paying extra bucks to "go green" in a hybrid car may pay off in self-esteem and image for older drivers, as well as give a healthy boost to the environment, according to a Baylor University study.

Price and Novelty Most Important Factors in Consumption of Eco-friendly Apparel, Study Suggests
When it comes to buying eco-friendly bamboo apparel, the most important factors influencing a person's decision are price and novelty, according to a new study by researchers at Baylor University.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Garments Lure Consumers -- If the Price Is Right
Consumers who plan to buy eco-friendly bamboo apparel are attracted if the price is right, but their next consideration is the product's novelty, according to a new study by Baylor University researchers.

Baylor faculty member's research sheds light on consumer attitudes toward sunless tanning products
While new sunless tanning products promise a darker skin tone without exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays, a new Baylor study suggests that unless these bronzing creams, sprays and wipes can deliver an even, natural-looking tan, young women may not choose them over sunbathing or tanning beds.

Tips for Starting Your Own Clothing Line
Former Baylor student gives advice on launching a clothing line.

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