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Family & Consumer Sciences
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GFCS Course Descriptions

1104 Professional Perspectives

Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences as a field of study, historic development, interdisciplinary nature, integrative perspectives; formulation of individual plans for education and career; overview of professional opportunities within business, education, research, and service agencies.

1231 Principles of Art and Design as Applied to FCS (Cross-listed as FCS 1331)

The study of art principles as they apply to various fields of family and consumer sciences.

1301 Food Science

A study of the physical and chemical changes that occur during preparation of food and its products. Preservation of nutritional content and food selection are also covered. (2-2)

1311 Apparel Production and Evaluation

Principles of clothing construction and evaluation of techniques; pattern selection, alteration, fitting, coordinating fabrics and component parts by application of ready-to-wear techniques.

1315 Individual and Family Development

A study of individual development, interpersonal and intra-family relationships, and development of the family throughout the life cycle. (3-0)

2310 Textile Science - (Cross-listed as FCS 1310)

Prerequisite(s): CHE 1405.

The structure and performance of fabrics; examination of fibers, yarns, fabrication finishes and the processes used to enhance the aesthetics and functional aspects of the fabrics.

2351 Nutrition

A study of the elements in foods essential for optimum health, quality diets, fad diets, and computer analysis of diets. (3-0) (Fee)

2355 Child Development

A study of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development during childhood and adolescence. (3-0) (Fee)

2371 Apparel Analysis

Study of factors which affect the wholesale cost, specification buying, and merchandise selection category. (3-0)

2380 Meal Management

Prerequisite(s): FCS 1301, 2351, or consent of instructor.

Management of meal planning, preparation, and service. Emphasis on equipment usage and maintenance; time, money nutrient management. (2-2)

3350 Individual and Family Financial Management

Study of individual and family financial decisions, planning and management. (3-0)

3356 Family Development

A study of the societal changes which affect families over the life cycle. Emphasis is placed on effective communication and knowledgeable choices regarding marriage, parenting divorce, family crises and aging. (3-0)

3375 Housing

Prerequisite(s): CS 1231 or comparable hours in art.

Functional and economical house planning, including selection and arrangement of furnishings and equipment.

3435 Food Service Production

Prerequisite(s): FCS 1301, 2351, and 2380.

Quality food production techniques, procedures, and management of meals serving fifty or more people. The function and methods of food management (for profit) will be emphasized in this course.

4340 Resource Management

Prerequisite(s): FCS 2380, 3350, or consent of instructor.

Emphasis on a systems approach to time, energy, and resource management. Strategies for maximizing management influences on individual and family welfare. Designed to include occupational competencies and analyze career and job opportunities. (3-0)

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