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Family and Community Ministries: Resources for Christian Leaders is published by the Center for Family and Community Ministries, sponsored by the Baylor University School of Social Work and George W. Truett Theological Seminary.


Summer/Fall 2009

Inside this issue you'll find...

Editor's Note

The Forsaken Children in Ethiopia
By Amanda Cox

HIV/AIDS Policy Initiatives
By Geoff Foster

Application to the church
By Meredith Williams

Bantu center offers hope -- Bright Hope
By Jenny Pope

An interview with Mike Douris, President of Orphan Outreach

Hope for orphans: A model of care for vulnerable children
By Jon Singletary

Application to the church
By Jennifer Scarborough

Mambo Sawa Sawa . . . things already better
By Marquette Bugg

If these were my children . . .
By Amanda Cox

The call to action: Lessons Learned
By Kerry Olson and Lynne Hybels

Religious communities take the lead
By Ghazal Keshavarzian, Aaron Greenburg, and Stephen Hanmer

A commitment to care, regardless
By Joe Bridges

How am I? Hopeful.
By Jon Singletary

Flight To Egypt

She Is My Child

Book Reviews


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