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Family and Community Ministries: Resources for Christian Leaders is published by the Center for Family and Community Ministries, sponsored by the Baylor University School of Social Work and George W. Truett Theological Seminary.


Fall 2008

Inside this issue you'll find...

Editor's Note
A message from Editor Jon Singletary

Elderly and Living Alone in Rural Mississippi
A look at church communities playing a significant role in allowing the elderly to remain in their homes. By Wanda Lott Collins

What Makes Marriage a Sacrament?
An excerpt from Christian Marriage: The New Challenge by David M. Thomas

BRIDGES Inventory
An aid to marital bonding and stability by Gail S. Risch and Michael G. Lawler

'The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth'
Personal essay by Mallory Homeyer

Two meditations by Cynthia Bourgeault

Profile in Ministry
The Rev. Ken Hugghins is a pastor caught between two Baptist cultures: the one he was born in and the one he wants to lead out in. By Vicki M. Kabat

"Living Up to Our Name" by Clark Cowden

Faith in Action
Profiles of community ministries making a difference

Disaster Relief and the Church

This Too Shall Pass
'My Somewhat 'Hole-y' State' by Vicki M. Kabat

Application To The Church

A Second Application To The Church

Book Reviews

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