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Summer 2007

Inside this issue you'll find:

From the Editor
A message from Editor Jon Singletary

Family Life of Baptists
An academic article by Diana Garland and Jo A. Edmonds

Guided Meditation
Guided Meditationis a guided prayer which imagines change.

A Litany for Church Use
A Litany for Church Use is a reflection on Hebrews 12 - 13 which is fully reproducible for church use.

'When God Created Me,' a poem by Michael Sciretti Jr.

Profile in Ministry
'What Church Families Want' by Franci Rogers

Faith in Action
By Michael Kelly

Serving the Dying
By Stephen Faller

Organizing Faith-based Service
By Jo Anne Schneider

Looking for a few grown ups
By Vicki M. Kabat

Domestic violence and faith
By Patricia Broderick

The hidden ground of love
By Wendy Wright

Summer 2007 cover

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